Principal Engineer - John V. Interrante, P.E.

John V. Interrante is a Principal Engineer of Environmental Engineering & Management Associates, Inc. He has Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering Degrees, both in Civil Engineering from Cornell University.

John’s started his career at Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. as a staff engineer working primarily on municipal and industrial wastewater projects. He then moved to Betz Converse Murdoch (later known as BCM Engineers) where he worked for 16 years starting as a Project Engineer and working his way up to Vice President. John then moved from BCM to become Director of Engineering for URS Corporation in their Philadelphia area office. He joined EEMA in 2005.

John has over 35 years of experience in municipal and industrial wastewater, permitting, waste management, and public works projects. He has served as Project Engineer, Manager and Director for over 1000 projects involving concept design, preliminary and engineering design, cost estimating, scheduling, construction, startup, improving operating efficiency, and cost reduction.

John has extensive experience in municipal wastewater including a variety of nutrient removal technologies at treatment plants ranging in size from 10,000 GPD to 200 MGD. John has worked at over 200 (including 30 EPA Construction Grants Program) municipal wastewater treatment facilities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

He has worked on many RCRA, CERCLA (Superfund), and wastewater projects for Fortune 500 companies across the US. He has experience in a variety of industrial categories including iron and steel, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, metal finishing, and paper, and technology.

John has worked extensively with attorneys providing expert testimony, deposition, and related services on behalf of his municipal and industrial clients.

He also was responsible for design and construction of major Philadelphia area public works and private construction projects.

Professional Registrations & Affiliations:
  • Professional Engineer: Pennsylvania, New York
  • Licensed Treatment Plant Operator: Pennsylvania
  • Water Environment Federation
  • Pennsylvania Water Environment Association
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operators Association


John has authored over 15 papers throughout his career. Some of these are listed below.

  • Interrante, J.V., 1983, "Operating Experience at the Lansdale Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant." Pennsylvania WPCF Magazine, May/June 1983.
  • Interrante, J.V., and Prior G.A., 1985 "Pretreatment of Fluoride Bearing Wastewaters," Presented at the 17th Mid-Atlantic Industrial Waste Conference, June 1985.
  • Interrante, J.V., and May T.G., 1988 "Ensuring Confidentiality of an Environmental Audit," BCM In-House Publication.
  • Interrante, J.V. and Popowcer S.N., 1990 "Auditing for Environmental Compliance and Property Transfer Liability Reduction," Presented at the Mid-Atlantic Hazmat Conference, June 1990.
  • Interrante, J.V., and Klotz P.W., 1990, "Testing for Environmental Contamination: Phase I and Phase II." Corporate Real Estate Executive, September 1990 and November/December 1990.

John has also made numerous presentations to professional organizations in the environmental field.

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